‘Pangolin’ Print with 100% Donation to ‘World Land Trust’


The Pangolin is currently the most trafficked animal in the world right now, and yet it is getting such little publicity for it’s plight. Many people have never even heard of a Pangolin before!

I decided to partner up with one of my favourite charities, World Land Trust, to create a set of prints featuring a Pangolin, to be sold with a 100% donation of profits. The aim of this collaboration is to help real pangolins in the wild by conserving their habitat.

Each print image measures 6×6 inches (inside the border), and you can purchase yours knowing that the profits from the sale are going to help ensure the survival of these unique little creatures.

All prints are individually signed and numbered, then  backed on board and wrapped in brown tissue paper for protection. Finally they are sealed with a little sticker that explains the project and where the proceeds will be going.

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All Tori Ratcliffe Art prints have been taken from original artworks and printed on textured Conservation Grade paper which means the colour will not fade. As the artist I can personally vouch that the quality of these prints makes them indistinctive from the original artworks.

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