In this gallery you will find a few select examples of artwork created in watercolour and fineliner by artist Tori Ratcliffe.

  • If you are considering commissioning a pet or wildlife portrait, you can find examples of both in this gallery. For further information on commissions including pricing, please visit the commissions page.
  • If you are looking to purchase an original piece of artwork, you can view the whole collection of pieces currently for sale by clicking here.
  • If you are interested in purchasing a print, you can do so by clicking here, which will allow you to browse the full collection.

    'Gone With the Wind', 88x70cm (For Sale)
    ‘Gone With the Wind’, 88x70cm (SOLD)


    ‘Call of the Wild’ 75x75cm framed (SOLD)


    'The Clash', 88x70cm framed
    ‘The Clash’ 88x70cm framed (SOLD)


    ‘The Gossips’ 86x68cm framed (SOLD)


    ‘Red Alert’ 68x68xm framed (For Sale)


    ‘All Ears’ 60x60cm Framed (For Sale)


    ‘Bonny & Clyde’ 60x60cm Framed (For Sale)